Retail Cabinetry

Fort Bragg Bakery
Fort Bragg Bakery has reopened it's doors, and I was priviledged to build some of the custom display cabinetry for the re-invigorated Fort Bragg landmark.  The new owners, Chris and Trish opted to have the display cabinetry distressed.  They explained that commercial cabinetry takes such a beating that they might as well beat it up from the start.  I stop by regularly for freshly baked bread and pastries in the heart of Fort Bragg.

Distressed alder cabinets
Custom stain and finish
Custom display solutions built to look like antiques
Lawrence Cabinets


Westport Hotel
The new owners of the Westport Hotel wanted to extend the bar area and create a coffee and dessert area.  George Lawrence got the call from Stark and Thornton Construction, and I got a call from George.  Could I match the look of a period redwood bar with ornate trim and crown moulding?  Yes I could.

New redwood mouldings to match the original century old bar
Lawrence Cabinets


LCM- Mendocino
Grain matched Zebrawood cabinetry
Chem metal custom countertop
Custom storage solutions with glass cover
Lawrence Cabinets